Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sambells Chelsea and A. Kay, eds. A Boy’s Diary from the Siege of Leningrad. (In progress, 2023).

Sambells, Chelsea, D. Rudrum and H. Randall, eds. Through Our Eyes: Holocaust Survivors’ Experiences from the North of England. (In progress, 2023).

Sambells, Chelsea. The Exceptional Evacuation: Switzerland’s Child Evacuations During the Second World War. Toronto: McGill-Queens University Press. (Forthcoming 2023). 

Sambells, Chelsea. “The Catalysts of 1938: European Child Evacuations as Humanitarian Innovation.” In A Transnational History of Forced Migrants in Europe: Unwilling Nomads in the Age of Two World Wars, edited by Bas Willems and Michal Palacz. London: Bloomsbury, 2022. (Forthcoming, 2022).

Sambells, Chelsea. “‘Children are to be regarded as propaganda’: Contradictions of German Occupation Policies in the Child Evacuations to Switzerland 1941-1942.” European History Quarterly, 51, no. 1 (February 2021): 76-97.

Sambells, Chelsea. “Convenient and Conditional Humanitarianism: Evacuating French and French Jewish Children to Switzerland during the Second World War.” Nottingham French Studies 59, no. 2 (Summer 2020): 174-190Full text here.

Sambells, Chelsea. “Saving Foreign Children from ‘Moral Decay’: Switzerland’s Children’s Homes during the Second World War.” Journal for the History of Childhood and Youth 11, no. 1 (Winter 2018): 5-26. Full text here.

Sambells, Chelsea. “The Plight of Belgian Children: The Allied Interest in the Child Evacuation Scheme, 1942-1945.” In Children and War Past and Present II, edited by Grazi Prontera, Wolfgang Aschauer, John Buckley, Helga Embachler, Albert Lichtblau and Johannes-Dieter Steinert. Solihull: Helion & Co., 2016. See here

Sambells, Chelsea. “Self-Motivated Humanitarianism?: The Study of the Evacuation of Belgian and French Children to Switzerland, 1941-1945.” In Droits des enfants au XXe siècle: Pour une histoire transnationale, edited by Yves Denéchère and David Niget. Rennes: University of Rennes, 2015. See here.

Sambells, Chelsea. “Memories, Identity and Mother Russia: A Study of the Russian-Chechen Conflict.” STREAM Culture/Politics/Technology 2 (2009): 53-59.

Web-based Publications

Sambells, Chelsea. “Dignity in the Holocaust: Themes of Resistance in Oral History Testimonies.” Wiener Library Online Blog (15 December 2017).

Sambells, Chelsea. “5 Things I’ve Learned in Pubs as a PhD Student.” Pubs and Publications Online Blog (4 September 2015).

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