Lecturer, University of Huddersfield

The Modern World, 2020/2021 (and 2018/2019 and 2019/2020)

First year module focused on the political and social histories of the USA, Russia and France during the end of the 19th Century until the eve of the Second World War. By interrogating the main political themes of the era, such as democracy, fascism and communism, students were then encouraged to consider each nation’s actions within the wider social and cultural contexts.

Hitler’s Germany: Life and Death in the Third Reich, Spring Semester 2020 & 2019

Popular second year undergraduate module explored the contradictions, complications and controversies about Nazi Germany. By exploring state, society, culture and memory in Nazi Germany and beyond, students examined how historians have constructed the Third Reich as one of the most harrowing of the modern era. Students used a range of historical sources including official reports, personal diaries, films and oral history to investigate some overarching themes, such as compliance and coercion, modernity and regression and the moral dimension of responsibility and memory.

The Dark Years: 1940-1944 (Collaboration, Resistance and Memory in Wartime France), Winter Semester 2018

Third year undergraduate module examined the history and memory of the French experience of World War II, focusing on the German Occupation, the Vichy Regime, French collaboration, and the development of internal and external resistance. By using a broad range of primary and secondary source materials, students were able to develop a cultural historical analysis of the era, rooted in the debates over silence, truth and representation.

Assessor for Online Learning Course, University of Calgary

Professional & Technical Communications 363, Spring 2019

This second year online learning course introduced (over 280!) students to professional and technical communication in diverse media. By examining the rhetorical dimensions of workplace settings, students learning the process of planning, composing and delivering professional and technical communication for various audiences.

Tutor, University of Edinburgh

European History 1B (1789 to Present Day), Winter Semesters 2014, 2015 & 2016

Course surveyed the French Revolution until the collapse of communism in just 12 weeks. Themes included nationalism, revolutionary history, the rise of feminism and socialism, bourgeois society, First and Second World Wars, Cold War and European integration. Specialist knowledge in the 20th century allowed me to emphasize the importance of understanding the origins and foundations of the First World War, the Holocaust, the Third Reich and the Cold War.

Created engaging lesson plans in order to encourage stimulating and respectful dialogue; teaching methods included role playing, film analysis, and political cartoons to foster student engagement and retention; responsible for grading 70+ assignments, including essays and exams; Participated in extra-curricular Staff/Student Liaison Committee meetings to improve course content, teaching excellence, and the overall student experience

Freelance Tutor, Calgary Board of Education

Social Studies Grade 7, Mathematics Grade 7, English Grade 10, Autumn 2011

Provided one-on-one academic tutoring to prepare students for final exams, book reports and class tests. Topics included First Nations cultures and history, 16th-19th century Canadian history, modern Canadian politics, and in-depth discussion and analysis of Hamlet, 20th century Canadian prose and WWI poetry.

Teaching Assistant, University of Calgary

Canadian Studies 439, Autumn Semester 2009

Course examined heritage commemoration, preservation and interpretation by involving students in support projects with local communities.  Projects involve the exploration of presentation methods; the use of oral, artifactual and other evidence in heritage projects; policy and planning issues, the cultural, social, political, ecological and theoretical dimensions of heritage; and the sharing of heritage with the wider public.

Prepared visual material for in-class exercises in cultural analysis and assisted professor with generating class discussions; Marked essays, class presentations and final exams for half of 40 student class; Assisted students with semester-long personal projects by providing input during office hours and through online platforms

Communication Studies 201, Autumn Semester 2008 & Winter Semester 2009

Course provided a general mapping of the field, with an emphasis on its breadth in the areas of media studies, communication of science and technology, and rhetorical communication. The course also provided a general examination of how Communications Studies emerged during the 20th century and how the field relates to issues of social and cultural change.

Lectured 300-student class on Rhetoric and the role of political communication in contemporary Canadian culture; Taught weekly tutorials, graded final exams and provided academic assistance with essay preparation and submission for 80 students each semester; Graded weekly assignments on online platform and generated weekly group discussions; Utilized various media, including videos, music and social websites to create interesting, provocative and informative weekly lessons

Law & Society 201, Winter Semester 2008

Course provided overview of the role of law in society and examined different concepts of law. Study of legal rules, institutions, processes and personnel in social context. Discussion of construction and exercise of the power of law. Emphasis on Canadian law and legal system.

Supported course lecturer by providing students additional pastoral care; Lectured on essay writing skills and techniques, with special care to include cultural and social themes relevant to the Canadian legal culture; Marked half of all course work, including essays and final exams in class of 70 students